David Shull, Where there is great love there are always great miracles, January 2013 – July 2013

David Shull’s work is a response to the effects and modes of manipulation applied both overtly and inadvertently throughout our lives. Seeking sentimentalities, or short- cuts to deeper places in the viewer’s mind, David’s art employs many forms and medias to create alternate realities; forcing the notion that their “regular” reality may have farcical roots. His “alternate realities” are often made up of emotive modernist forms that subtly attempt to re-write a history at odds with its utopian goals.

David Shull is an artist and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. He received his MFA from The Pratt Institute in 2004. Since then he has showed extensively in brooklyn as well as abroad. Exhibitions include “The Report/Where Gone the Body” @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn (2013), “Growing the Garden” @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn (2012), “We Come from Brooklyn” @ Bleudenz, Austria (2011), “Other Spaces” @ Center 548. NYC (2010), “No Soul for Sale” @ X-Initiative, NYC (2009), “Gauge” @ ArtJail, NYC (2009), “It’s About Time, Man: A response to Olafur Elliason’s survey at PS1 and MoMA” @ Repetti Gallery, Brooklyn (2008)

316694_494296433948973_1872365603_nCamouflage Baby Blanket-printcatcher-printdeflated sheet print

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