Wojciech Gilewicz, Sculptures, 2017 (Work-in-progress), October 2017 – February 2018


Wojciech Gilewicz “SCULPTURES” , 2017, work in progress), Single-Channel Video “SCULPTURES” aims to rethink, in rather a provocative, ironical, but at the same time quite funny way, the role of sculptural representations in the public realm in different places around the globe. While often decorating or aspiring to decorate, they are in fact simply objects in public space funded by local governments showing off, or manifesting their power by shaping popular aesthetics. Therefore often giving to the general public quite a false perception of what sculpture is, and how it should, or could be interpreted. This ongoing project is a series of various video-recorded performative actions Gilewicz performs in a guerrilla way by using sculptures located in various public spaces including USA, Iran, Taiwan, Poland, Korea, South Africa. Often before performing with a given sculpture Gilewicz asks for some advice or expertise of a professional art conservator or other specialists in the field of restoration. Wojciech Gilewicz (b. 1974) is a Polish-born New York-based interdisciplinary visual artist. He holds an M.F.A from the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland. (www.gilewicz.net) Gilewicz draws on his experience of the painting medium to create formally varied works, also with the use of sculpture and performative actions that seek to investigate the boundaries of art and space. In his recording of reality, Gilewicz often uses the video camera, which can fluidly transform into a means of registering social relations, which take place ‘outside’ his actions performed with or around his paintings or sculptural objects. Gilewicz’s art provokes reflection on the mechanisms which govern perception and its cultural conditioning. The author actively collaborates with the viewer, whom he involves both in his projects and in polemics about myths and stereotypes concerning the most recent art, its reception, and interpretation. Gilewicz takes on board issues related to the role of painting, sculpture, and performance as well as video in today’s world, the status of the artist and artistic work in the context of the institution and the art system as well as the society at large. He is also interested in the role of artist a citizen. His solo projects and exhibitions include Cuboids, Cuchifritos Gallery / Artist Alliance Inc, New York (2015); Rockaway, Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2015); Painter’s Painting, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan (2013); Residency Unlimited, Flux Factory, New York (2012); Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2009); Front Room: Wojciech Gilewicz, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, MO (2008); Museum of Fine Arts, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine (2007); Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2005). His group projects and exhibitions include The Travellers, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia (2017) and Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland (2016); IDEAS CITY The Invisible City, New Museum, New York (2015); Seven, The Boiler / Momenta Art, New York (2014); Queens International, Queens Museum, New York (2013); Videorover, NURTUREart, New York (2012); Monitaur, Aspen Art Museum (2009); In Practice, SculptureCenter, New York (2009); Factory, MoBY (Museums of Bat Yam), Bat Yam, Israel (2009); Starting Point: Intrude Art & Life 366, Shanghai Himalayas Museum (former Zendai MoMA), Shanghai, China (2009); Hello Goodbye Thank You Again, castillo/corrales Paris, France (2009); BELGRADE: NONPLACES. Art in public space, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia (2009); Distortion of an Unendurable Reality, Pianissimo, Milan, Italy (2008); Multi-way Street annex to the exhibition Beautiful Losers, Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, Poland (2007); and On Their Own Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland (2006). The artist’s works were reviewed in Art Forum, Art Pulse, Frieze among others. Gilewicz’ works are in many public and private collections in Poland and abroad, including Shanghai Himalayas Museum, CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, and MoCA Belgrad. In Spring 2017 Wojciech Gilewicz established Beach64retreat in The Rockaways, Queens, in NYC for creative individuals as the artist’s response to the rising precarity in arts&culture internationally. The first pilot season is on invitation. There will be an open-call in Fall 2017 for its second season 2018-2019. The retreat is free of charge. (www.beach64retreat.wordpress.com)

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