Sujin Lee, “Ah Ahk Ahk Aht Ahn”, February 26 – April 26, 2016


Sujin Lee

Ah Ahk Ahk Aht Ahn

Ah Ahk Ahk Aht Ahn  – Kiyuk
HD video, B&W, 10:20, Sound

Ah Ahk Ahk Aht Ahn  – Ssang Kiyuk
HD video, B&W, 09:25, Sound

11172 is the number of possible consonant-vowel combinations in Korean language (my mother tongue), which can be displayed in Unicode. They are theoretical combinations for a written language; therefore, many of them are not used in actual speaking and writing.  Ah Ahk Ahk Aht Ahn is a series of 19 single channel videos in progress.  The videos are organized in groups by their first consonant from ㄱ(kiyuk) to ㅎ(heeut). There is a voice prounouncing each consonant-vowel combination shown in the screen. I began this project wanting to focus on the sounds and shapes of the letters and also to contemplate on the physical act of reading aloud. While working on this project, I re-experienced what I felt when I was learning to speak English – being very aware that I am making sound through my body and organs.

Sujin Lee uses text, video and performance, exploring the way in which different cultural and linguistic systems affect the actions of language. Lee has been awarded residencies from Millay Colony for the Arts, Blue Mountain Center, I-Park and Newark Museum and participated in the AIM program at the Bronx Museum of Art and the Emerge program at Aljira. She was a 2012-2013 A.I.R. Gallery Fellow in NYC and a 2014-2015 artist-in-residence at Kumho Art Studio in Korea. Lee earned her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art.  She holds an MFA in Studio Art and an MA in Performance Studies, both from New York University. She has exhibited internationally.

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