Mallie Sanford, Single-Channel Videos, September 15 – November 15, 2015

Mallie01My work reflects upon a wide range of personal anxieties, which extend from body image to a deep concern for the environment. By combining scanned, found, and handmade objects with live performance and video, I build environments that stage humorous interactions between materials and the body and the anxious relationship between the two. Inventing ways in which an unstable material, form or image can be suspended or preserved is important to my process. I use a flatbed scanner to transform and store an object in digital space. When I scan objects it is in order to preserve and then liberate them as moving images. I integrate them into these videos and animate them in an attempt to transform the relationships and meanings of these objects. These processes of preservation and transmutation are central to the way I find spaces for objects. I have always been drawn to the color green because I grew up surrounded by plants, whether it was the creek in my backyard or my grandparent’s farm. The world of plants and shades of green have been a constant and productive space for me. Working with green-screening allows me to create my own personal ecosystem where I can integrate my own body into a space with these objects that I have transported into the digital. I layer green screen videos on top of one another in a desire to inhabit and develop this space. Through filling, layering, and manipulating digital materials and my digital self, I’m able to satisfy an anxious struggle that I feel to fill empty space.

Mallie Sanford lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She studied Sculpture + Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she received her BFA in 2014. She experiments in many different medias, which include video, performance, installation, painting, digital printmaking, sculpture and music. She has primarily shown her work in Richmond, Virginia, but is starting to become more involved in the DIY art and music scene in Brooklyn. Recent shows in 2015 include This One’s For You, Gallery 5, Richmond, VA; Hold the Phone, Circle Thrift and Art Space, Richmond, VA; and Bushwick Open Studios, R&D Studios, Brooklyn, NY.​

Mallie03 Mallie02

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