Priyanka Dasgupta, “pairi-daêza”, February 15 – May 1, 2015


single channel video installation (silent)
5’23” (loop)
flat screen monitor

pairi-daêza, or ‘paradise’ as we know it today, signifies a place of harmony and contentment, removed from the miseries and suffering of human strife. Across cultures and religions, the word evokes a state of bliss, an utopia. A literal translation of this word however, means ‘to build a wall around’, where pairi translates to ‘around’ and daêza, from diz, to ‘build (a wall)’. This video, in its presentation of an apparent paradise, draws attention to this dichotomy – leaving the viewer with an oasis, that is ultimately just a mirage; an ephemeral, digital image.

Indian born artist, Priyanka Dasgupta’s installations comprise of multiple­channel video and sound pieces, interspersed with large­scale flat sculptures, reminiscent of shadow puppets. The work results from her transcultural identity and the conflicts that arise from this situation. Combining digital and traditional media, Priyanka works across disciplines, making use of multiple, visual language systems to layer the c​ross­​cultural dialogue that is implicit in the themes she explores.

Priyanka is the recipient of an N​EA g​rant (2004). She has participated in the T​ransparent Studio​residency at Bose Pacia (2012), A​ljira Emerge with Creative Capital​(2007) and the AIM Program​(2005), in New York. Priyanka’s installations have been exhibited in the US, Europe and Asia, including the Queens Museum, International Center of Photography, Jersey City Museum, Galleria di Piazza San Marco, the British Film Institute, Lalit Kala Akademi, and Seoul Art Space. Her work has been reviewed by publications including the New York Times, the Times of India, Art India and Take on Art.

Priyanka has a Masters in Studio Art from New York University & the International Center of Photography, and a Bachelors in English Literature from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, India. She lives in New York, and teaches Contemporary Art and Media at New York University and City College. Priyanka is represented by Shrine Empire Gallery in New Delhi.

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