Alumni Projects #1: Mastaana Eraifej, The River Runs Black In Jordan, August 2014 – October 2014


Mastanna Eraifej presents a series of digital prints that began as small-scale charcoal drawings. The images are presented as diptychs that pair an enlarged reproduction of the original drawings alongside impressions the drawing left on the opposite page of the drawing pad. These remnants of the drawing process imbues the work with a sense of time and decay, and let’s the viewer know that the imagery was constantly changing, even slowly disappearing before being permanently captured through digital photography.

“My artwork is a refection of the distinct relationships I share with men and women. My work engages nude figures in unconventional settings in order to highlight the distinct and often blurred definitions of intimacy and violence that exist between men and women when they are physically vulnerable to one another. The figures are depicted in compressed charcoal surrounded by an intense black. The sinister yet intimate setting created portrays the characters as defenseless, fleshy, and exposed, yet unharmed and as willing to participants.”

Mastanna Eraifej recently graduated from Manhattan College (Class of 2014) with a B.S. in Biology. She currently works at the VA Medical Center as a Research Coordinator and continues to work on research focused on parasites at Manhattan College. Mastanna plans on continuing her education in science and to also pursue a master’s degree in public health. She lives in Westchester, New York and uses her dad’s office as a painting and drawing studio.



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